Vigrx Plus Results

Does Vigrx Plus work and will it work for you?  You have landed on this page because you are looking to find out what results you will get from taking Vigrx Plus.  Results can vary slightly from man to man, but generally speaking there are some proven results which have been seen in clinical studies of these male enhancement erection pills.

Clinical Study VigRX Plus Results

In the first ever clinical trial of its type, Vigrx Plus was tested on 75 men to see how their performance and satisfaction would be affected.  Below is a synopsis of that study conducted by independent medical experts, which should help you to decide whether or not to take the free trial of these penis enlargement pills.

  • Men could maintain their erection by an increase of 63%
  • Men reported an increase of 59% in the ability to penetrate their partner
  • Orgasms and climaxes increased in frequency and quality by 22%
  • Sexual activity increased by 71%
  • Sex drive and partner desire was increased by 47%
  • Sexual satisfaction increased by 61% for man and partner

Results of VigRX Plus

The most important results you will want to know about are the following physical changes that occurred to the men who took part in the study and trial.

  1. They could produce harder and larger erections on demand
  2. Their partners also noted that ejections looked and felt bigger
  3. There was an increase in sexual desire and wanting to perform
  4. Men reported having a better control over their erections
  5. Orgasms were more intense with longer-lasting climaxes

VigRX Plus Results - Clinical Studies

Want to See the Full Results? If you would like to see the full and official list of Vigrx Plus results then please click here.

Personal Review of VigRX Plus

You might be wondering why we feel that this website can be such an authority and offer Vigrx Plus reviews.  My name is Josh Madams and I am one of the guys who runs this website.  I’ve used VigRX Plus for 6 months – if you have time to read it, then here is my story.

My VigRX Plus Story – VigRX Plus Results – Before and After

I have been married for five years, which isn’t a long-time by anybody’s standards, however, it was long enough for my sex life to become dull and boring.  When I first met my wife there was that amazing buzz that lasted for around a year where we just wanted to have sex every day as many times as possible, and in as many ways as we could.

However, after a couple of years, and the arrival of our first child things just weren’t the same.  We went through a period of not having sex for around 8 months, and the idea of even having sex then was giving me a mental block.  I had lost my confidence, my sex drive, and even more worrying was the fact I could no longer manage to get an erection when opportunities to have sex with my wife came up.

I tried many different potions, oils, and pills, until one day my brother recommended VigRX Plus pills to me.  I will be honest, they did not work as quickly as possible and after 2 weeks with no results  I was close to getting my money back.  I was determined though, and read the online reviews of other men like me, many of whom had similar erection problems.

I decided to give VigRX Plus another week, and to my relief I started to see some very impressive VigRX Plus results after the 18th day of taking the pills twice daily.  Over the next three months, it was almost like my wife and I had met for the first time again.  I won’t go into the details here, but you can imagine what it was like for us.

I continued to take VigRX Plus for another 2 months, but now don’t even take them anymore.  It was almost like something in my head had been switched on – perhaps a physchological barrier.  Either way, my sex life is now back on track and my erections are… well, that’s up for my wife to have the final word on really but needless to say, she is very happy!

VigRX Plus comes highly recommended, and I just want any other men out there with similar problems, anxieties, and issues to be aware of this great product so that they can get the help that they need.  Plus, if you are suffering with premature ejaculation problems then you might also want to consider these ProSolution Plus reviews – these pills can be a good supplementary solution as well.

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